Frequently Asked Questions

When were these zoobys delivered to customers?

Answer: Battery defect notices were first posted on and social media on May 8, 2023, asking consumers to email us at [email protected]  

What has been the outcome of the investigation related to the zooby battery?  

Answer: Note: This is only for zoobys with the battery markings 554050 1700mAh 6.29Wh 2136. The main markings to identify the battery are the model number: 554050 and batch number: 2136. All other batteries have been cleared to use as normal. Also, this is a perfect time to reiterate safe battery charging for the zooby and practically any other rechargeable electronics device: 

  • Only charge as instructed. 
  • Do not overcharge. Meaning do not leave the device plugged in for more than the recommended charging time.  
  • We recommend the zooby be charged at home and not left in the car charging.
What is the resolution to the affected batteries? 

Answer: If you have a battery that is Model: 554050, Batch: 2136, follow the instructions on the home page to remove the battery from the zooby camera and fill out the form to obtain your replacement battery.   

If my zooby is acting normal, do I still need to remove the battery? 

Answer: Yes, we are asking all customers to please remove the battery as a safety precaution if you have a battery from Batch: 2136

I have a battery that has model number 554050, but the batch number is not 2136, is my battery part of the recall? 

Answer: No, only Batch: 2136  is recalled. All other batches are cleared to use and are not affected. 

How do I safely dispose of the zooby battery? 

Answer: Please follow the link below to learn more about how you can be environmentally friendly in disposing of the zooby battery.  

Find a local recycling center  

If you have further questions regarding this battery recall, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]